Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting started

Best way to start is with a little back ground info.
October 2007 Lex was born a 9lb 4.1oz baby by c-section, due to low glucose levels he was given sugar water while Mom was in recovery. Once Mom was out of recovery the attempts at breast feeding began and didn't go so well. Mom decided pumping was the way to go since it didn't seem like Lex was getting much but we supplemented with formula. Formula wasn't a good start, ended up having to rule out pyloric stenosis and feed him in small bursts.

At around 15 months old Mom noticed that speech wasn't coming as easily as it should be but the dr said to give Lex more time, that he's a boy they talk slower. At the 18 month well baby check up it was still a concern so Mom convinced the dr to at least send Lex to get his speech evaluated. Speech services were found to be needed and were started a couple of months later after (had to wait for insurance to say okay). We did speech at the hospital for a couple months when they decided to have Lex evaluated for some sensory concerns. That evaluation led to the diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder. With dual problems and not seeing much in the way of approvement Mom started looking into other services and found Birth to 3. Birth to 3 sent their own evaluation team and agreed that Lex needed services. We started with just speech services and added occupational therapy shortly after. Lex was doing floor time with David for speech and that seemed to improve him drastically and we were taught how to do "brushing protocol" to help control his sensory seeking behavior. This training carried over to daycare. While at daycare he had two wonderful teachers, Dani and Lisa, that Lex was very comfortable with and they just seemed to know how to handle him even on his really bad days. Moving to a different room did nothing good for him but it was short term. Lex started school on October 1st and transferred over to another daycare. The transistion to school and daycare started just before Nate moved out so Lex's life was in an upheaval but from here on out is the communications from me and school and I'll throw in stuff I see or was mentioned at daycare as we go..

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