Thursday, December 16, 2010


**This note was sent on Lex's third day in the 2 year old room, after not knowing what happened during the previous 2 days but that he'd been clinging to his teacher Lisa at pick up.**
Dear 2 year old room teachers,

My name is Catie, my son is Lex. As you are probably aware Lex has some developmental delays and problems with certain sensory situations that sometimes cause him to act out and be aggressive to the other kids. He knows this behavior is not tolerated and currently we use a technique where we tell him no and what he did wrong followed by an apologetic hug to the person he harmed.
I want to start using this notebook as a ways of communication about his day (good, bad, no nap, etc) to keep us both on the same page since Lex will be starting 3k at Cooper on October 1st and I'm sure that added change will stress him out a bit too.

Dear Lex's parents,
Let's start off with the two teachers in this room. They are Tracy and Sarah. Tracy works the earlier mornings and myself works the later shift. So in most cases you will probably see at least one of us a day. So please make sure if there is something that you want to tell us talk to us. Please don't go to other teachers. On the other hand Lex has been in here two days. The things we see are not wanting to sit at the table for meals. If he don't get a certain color setting he will throw them to the ground, also dumping out toys or throwing them and not wanting to pick them up. When it is circle time I attempt to have Lex sit but he will only do it for a very short period of time and I can't force him to sit cause then it causes disruption for the other kids. Project time he really doesn't seem to have any desire to want to do the project. He likes to be off playing. But as you guys may know this room can hold 15 kids and we have a lot of kids in this room and us as teachers can only do our best. It may seem like a lot but I am sure it will take Lex time to adjust. We just want you guys to be aware of what we see here at daycare. He had a really short nap today. Any question please call us.

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