Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sarah and Tracy,
Lex had a very busy weekend and didn't sleep as well as he normally does. I did make time for him to be brushed this morning. We also thought of something that could be done instead of brushing. When  we are out and don't have his brush we either give him a tight hug or rub his back, arms and legs with a bit of pressure behind it, both seem to get similar results to brushing. We'll keep brainstorming ideas to help with the discipline concerns.

We had a couple of ideas that might make the day go smoother:
-Keep his shorts in his reach, he uses them to self soothe.
-At meal times if giving him the red place setting will help calm him down and get him to sit and eat longer we'd like you to try it.
-Red is his favorite color so when it's project time if he could at least start with red that might hold his attention longer. CW

Lex had a really good morning. Tracy was able to brush Lex at circle time today and he sat the whole circle time. When it came to project time he didn't want nothing to do with it. We tried a couple different times but he was content playing by himself somewhere else so we just let him be. But the main thing today is we have had an average of 7 kids today and he just seems to do so well with a lower amount of kids. When Lex was done eating he took his bib off and went and laid himself down on his nap mat and put himself to sleep. Lex slept from 12:30 to 3. Had a good afternoon. There were 5 other kids this afternoon with Lex

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