Thursday, December 16, 2010


Lex had a more difficult time falling asleep last night but got to sleep in a bit this morning. Overall, he had a good evening/night. We did see the rash on his neck and chest, his dr saw him on Monday and thinks it's probably just a viral rash since he's had cold symptoms recently, but please let us know if he starts feeling warm or acting sick.

Lex had a good night and got a little more sleep than normal, probably since he didn't nap yesterday.
He has been in a very good mood this morning and has been brushed and had joint compressions done.

Lex had a good weekend with lots of sensory type activities. He napped well yesterday and went to bed on time without a fuss. Nate is going to try to brush Lex before drop off.
**For Friday Catie will meet the bus for pick up at 8am. The aide is unsure about how 11:30am drop offs will go.**-Catie

Lex had a pretty good day. He had a hard time leaving his friends alone; hair pulling, hitting and pushing. We brushed him before nap. Paula was here today. He only had like an hour nap today.

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